New and excited height correction system
→Low Self Esteem
→Short Height
with Growth-FlexV® Pro Posture & Height Development System!

Why Will You Benefit?

There are many benefits to this system. It was designed with you in mind. This system will:

  • • Help improve bone regeneration and strength.
  • • Help improve your self-image and posture.
  • • Help improve current height and health.
  • • Help promote weight loss.
  • • Help with bone maintenance and help with bone loss prevention.
  • • Help with rehabilitation of the spinal discs as well as thickening of cartilage.
  • • Give overall improvement when it comes to growth.

Is this safe?

Yes, the Growth-FlexV® Pro Posture & Height Development System has been certified and held to the highest quality standards. Many products on the market come with side effects but this formula has shown to have no related side effects. Of course, as with any product, we do suggest you consult your physician before taking anything especially if you suffer from high cholesterol or have had or have a cancer related illness.

Will I Truly See Improvement in My Height and Health?

According to results gathered from surveys and users. Dr. Etienne Tran's posture and height development system could help improve 1/2" inch to 2.5" inches in height. Results may vary significantly depending on your health, genes, diet, personal effort and many other circumstances may cause results to vary.

Areas improved with this system have included:

  • • Decreased fat levels
  • • Improved height
  • • Improved posture
  • • Lean body weight

What Ingredients Are in This System?

This system is made with quality ingredients including:

  • • L-Arginine Base
  • • Ornithine-HCL
  • • Silicon Dioxide
  • • Magnesium Stearate

There are no hormones, preservatives, artificial flavoring or colors and no sugar added to this supplement. It is recommended that you take the supplement between meals. You want to take it when your stomach is empty because that is when you will have more acid in your stomach. What you get is a safe and natural way to promote and enhance your overall growth.

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Results From Our Actual Patients


Profession: High School Student

I was so sad of being too short! With the help of GrowthFlex I’ve experienced constant height gain success, week after week, month after month! Thank you growth-flex. As Growth Flex is a powerful height growth supplement.

Anthony E - Age (19) - Canada. (Before and After)


Profession: Certified Computer Programmer

Taller people tend to be more respected than shorter people! After many years of being short, gaining even an inch of extra height was worth a million for me. I Thank Growth-Flex for changing my life.

Charles Lee - Age (21) - Canada. (Before and After)


Profession: Candidate Miss Cambodia Canada 2011 (

I want to thank Growth-FlexV Pro System for giving a better posture and health. Therefore, if you want to grow taller and be healthy, I highly recommend to everybody this amazing product Growth-FlexV Pro System.

Helen Oum - Age (23) - Canada. (Before and After)


Profession: Hockey Player

Dr.Tran’s Growth FlexV height system has helped me absorb big hits on the ice at games and practices. I was 6ft.1 and now I’ m 6ft. 3 after 6.5 months of treatment. Thank you so much guys for helping me in life and success!

Kevin Larsen Jr. - Age (25) - USA. (Before and After)


GF has helped me tremendously in my posture correction, giving me positive energy, and helped me to build my bone density. Most importantly, I stopped my height regression as people at my age are suffering in height retreat.

Levy Z. - Age (61) - Israel. (Before and After)

Why Choose Growth-FlexV® Pro Posture & Height Development System?

  • - Safe & effective height increase solution for both men & women
  • - The only height product made in Canada, developed by a Canadian medical doctor
  • - Easy to follow, step by step height increase system
  • - 90 days, exclusive 100% money back guarantee!
  • - World wide shipping

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Growth-Flex Monet back Guarantee

For more information please read our return policy

Try The Growth-FlexV© Pro System Today
With Our (90 days) Money Back Guarantee!

Order Growth-FlexV Pro System

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